Check-IT: Test Result Verification

Check-IT is a Test result verification service to technically review communication cabling test results against Australian and/or International performance standards.

The Communication Cabling Test Check-IT service can be used to review all field test results for all media types that are supported by standards, including UTP, FTP and Fibre Optic Cabling.

Test Result Verification inspections cover over 30 different parameters, which include

  • Conformance to Standards
  • Suitable Test Configuration used
  • Tester Capabilities to carry out tests
  • Correct Tester firmware used
  • Validity of Standard used
  • Performance Level
  • All relative tests applied
  • Duplication of test results
  • Manipulation of test results
  • Missing Results

The Results

  • 30.6% (2013) of all fibre backbone test results reviewed are found to be non-compliant
  • 23.0 % (2013) of all TP Telecommunication Outlet Test results are found to be non-compliant

Key Benefits

  • Independent review of test results by expert
  • Validity of test results can be established
  • Cabling systems performance level established
  • Network problems and performance issues caused by cabling are reduced
  • Compliance to performance standards established before “signoff”


Test Equipment
VTI Services work with Test equipment Manufacturers to pre-qualify or qualify their tester as suitable for carrying out field testing against the current Standards.

Documented Process
VTI Services developed the process of reviewing test results which was developed from our ongoing work in the area, knowledge obtained from working with Standards bodies and tester manufacturers.

Our Clients

Our Clients include:

Government and private sector companies 
Who wish to independently verify that the installed cabling system meets standards

Who wish to insure that the Communications Cabling Systems being delivered to their clients meet the latest standards and is of the highest quality

Who wish to deliver to their end user clients a quality compliant Communication Cabling system while limiting risk associated with long warranty periods.

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